Kendo’s Story

Kendo was one of four dogs rescued from a dog trader in Gwangju. His rescue was a risky one. Nami fostered Kendo after his vaccination and health check. Kendo found a forever home in Los Angeles in June 2015. Watch the video to see Kendo getting some exercise!


Pomy’s Story

Pomy was rescued after a visit to the meat supplier’s dog farm. The farm owner said “keep your mouth shut, don’t let the city know about me, I give you a present.” After being fostered by Nami, Pomy was adopted and is enjoying life in Pennsylvania. Watch the video to see Pomy hanging out with his friends!


Kamang’s Story

Kamang was rescued just before he was to be sold to a dog trader and thrown into a boiling pot for the dog meat soup. Kamang found a home in Los Angeles with a loving family and is enjoying the great weather! Watch the video to see Kamang checking out his new home!


Kaji’s Story

Kaji was saved by Nami Kim from being butchered for meat in South Korea. Kaji found a wonderful home with world class pianist Linda Gentille, a protégée of the late great showman, Liberace. Be sure to read the article on Kaji in the Press of Atlantic City!


Creamy’s Story

Creamy was one of five dogs rescued by Nami from a dog trader. Creamy was in very bad shape upon rescue and nearly died three times. According to the vet, it was a miracle that he survived. Creamy was adopted by a wonderful home. Watch the video to see Creamy playing with his toy!


Champ’s Story

Champ was going to be killed and eaten. Workers removed him from a worksite and thankfully a shelter worker called the police. That was the beginning of Champ’s trip to America. He found a loving home in New York. His new owners said, “Thank you for saving him…he is the most amazing dog I’ve ever had and we are so lucky to have him!” Watch the video to see Champ just before his journey to the US!


Danny’s Story

Danny was rescued from a dog meat trader by Nami’s team. Danny’s mom was unfortunately already a victim and could not be saved. But Danny himself was fostered until finding a great home in Edmonton, Canada. He is a very affectionate boy. Watch the video to see Danny playing with his new family!


Kenny’s Story

Kenny was rescued from a meat trader in Korea by Nami and sent to Dutch Country Animal Rescue in California before finding his new home in San Francisco. Watch the video to see Kenny playing with his friends!


Max and Hera’s Story

Max and Hera are two Malamute siblings who were rescued after city officials forced the dog trader to surrender them to Nami’s team. They were helped along on their journey to the US by Guardians of Rescue and Save-A-Pet before being adopted together and settling into their New York home. Their new family says, “Hera gives hugs to everyone and wants to eat everything – but my goodness, she is a love! Max is a smart boy. We have a pet care business and walk many dogs each day. We have been taking them too and they are so excited to meet lots of new doggie friends. We also have a cat rescue and they love the kittys too. We even yook them to a fundraiser yesterday and they were the stars. Everyone wants to love on them.” Watch the video to see Max and Hera getting ready to leave Korea.


Annie’s Story

Annie was the one girl out of a five dog rescue mission from a dog trader in July 2015. She was adopted by a loving home in Pennsylvania. Annie likes the smell of grass and can run all day long. Watch the video to see Annie running around in her new, big yard!