The Adoption Process

The dogs I post are those available for adoption. Unfortunately, we can send the dogs to US and Canada only. This is due to the EU quarantine rules and regulations. It takes 4-6 months to EU; the dogs can’t wait that long. One has to come to the following international airports where there are direct flights from Seoul. I can’t let the dogs wait long hours again at the airport and then get on the connecting flight when it’s already more than ten hours of flight to go across the Pacific. There is a comfortable live animal compartment but dogs on the plane do get scared.These are the cities with direct flights:
West Coast: LA, SF, Seattle, Las Vegas, Vancouver
East Coast: NY, Washington DC, Toronto
Other Cities: Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas

The photos added will explain how it works. The below is what I send out to the inquiries. Please send an email to [email protected]

Only serious homes please.

I take care of all the process involved in transporting our rescue dogs to U.S and Canada. You choose a dog from the posts for adoption. The dogs I post are done with vaccinations and tests as required US and Canada quarantine standard.

When making an enquiry, I will need your home address/phone number, three photos of your home and family are required and sign the adoption application form I send you. I will also make an international call to speak to you personally. Upon acceptance of your application for adoption, I make arrangements such as quarantine papers and cargo schedule for the dog to travel once the payment (for the transporting costs) is made.

I get an estimate/quote from the airline cargo. The estimate varies but highly depends on the crate size, height/weight of the dog(s). It is all determined on the day of shipping at the airline cargo on the day.

We bring the dog to the airport on the day of travel. After the inspection at the Animal Quarantine, we move to the cargo terminal where another inspection is done by airline cargo officials with the Live Animal Check List Standards. When the green light is given, the cargo issues an airway bill which we have to pay at the cargo office on the day. The total cost is determined on the day of shipping when the airway bill is issued.

The airline branch in your home country (where your dog is flying) will call you to confirm if you are the receiver of the dog(s) and will tell you where you can pick up your dog(s). You must bring your ID to the airport cargo terminal to pick up your dog as the quarantine papers and the airway bill will be under your name. There will be $50 for a customs clearance fee.

To the adopters, once you take your dog (s) home with you, they need extra care as most of the dogs have not experienced caring hands. Please give him/her plenty of water and TLC as he/she has just endured a long journey.

Breakdown of the transporting costs:
1. Cargo freight fee by the airline
2. Transporting the dog to the airport
3. Crates (leashes and water bottle)
4. Issue of the quarantine papers from the vet, quarantine inspection fee at the airport

Your inquiry must have following information:
1. The nearest international airport from your home
2. Your full name, full address and phone number
3. When your decision is made, I send you the adoption application form for you to sign, three photos of your home and family are required.
4. How you wish to make the payment. Payment should be made in advance for us to make the reservation with the airline cargo.
5. I need to be updated with the dog(s) how he/she is doing/setting in at your home. Please send us photos of the dog(s) weekly in the first month