Rachel’s Story

Rachael is three-legged dog who had a bit of a hard time adjusting to a new life. She wasn’t a rescue from the meat trade but from an abuse case. The previous owner used to beat her legs. As a result, one of Rachel’s legs had to be amputated upon rescue last March. But now, she has a wonderful new home in Edmonton, and was renamed Sadie. Her new owners have this to say: “Sadie is doing so amazing. We’ve been giving her some supplements for her health. She has gone from getting very tired and overheating super fast…to walking for at least 10 mins without taking a break. She runs so fast! One of the happiest dogs I have ever seen. She is still super obedient. They are all getting along so well. Thank you so much Nami!” Watch the video to see Sadie at her new home!