Snowy’s Story

Snowy was rescued from being boiled alive with his brother Milky. Snowy was fostered by Nami until finding his loving new home in Reno, Nevada. In October 2015, he reunited with Milky for a visit. Watch Snowy playing in the yard with his stuffed animal!


Toto’s Story

Toto, originally rescued from a slaughterhouse, was adopted and renamed Nami. She is now living happily in New Jersey. Watch Nami enjoying her new home!


Cool’s Story

Cool was one of the three dogs rescued from a butcher. The butcher that is now completely shut down. He now lives in Los Angeles with his family. His legs are growing exceptionally long! Watch the video to see Cool enjoying a nap!


Henry’s Story

Henry was rescued from the dog meat trade. He was cared for by Nami before being adopted, flown to JFK airport, and transported to his new forever home in Connecticut. He was very timid at first but soon began to enjoy life in his new home. Watch the video to see Henry enjoying his “dinosaur bacon.”


Chance’s Story

Chance was rescued by Nami from the South Korean meat market. He was badly beaten with a hammer and underwent surgery to remove both eyes. He spent two weeks in the hospital in South Korea, and was fostered by Nami until being adopted and flown to his new home in Chicago. Watch the video to see Chance learning to walk the stairs.


Happy’s Story

Happy was rescued and adopted with Chance in Chicago. She is disabled – she has half a tongue and doesn’t have the ceiling of on the inside of her mouth. But she is living a “happy” life with her new friends in a wonderful home, far from the peril she experienced before Nami fostered her. Watch the video to see Happy with her friends!


The Miracle Family’s Story

The “Miracle” Family were a part of over forty dogs rescued from a dog farm that was ultimately shut down. They were all at risk of being sold to dog traders to be tortured, killed and eaten. But instead, the Miracle Family was sent to the “Adopt A Dog” Rescue in New York. Watch the video to see their arrival!


Rachel’s Story

Rachael is three-legged dog who had a bit of a hard time adjusting to a new life. She wasn’t a rescue from the meat trade but from an abuse case. The previous owner used to beat her legs. As a result, one of Rachel’s legs had to be amputated upon rescue last March. But now, she has a wonderful new home in Edmonton, and was renamed Sadie. Her new owners have this to say: “Sadie is doing so amazing. We’ve been giving her some supplements for her health. She has gone from getting very tired and overheating super fast…to walking for at least 10 mins without taking a break. She runs so fast! One of the happiest dogs I have ever seen. She is still super obedient. They are all getting along so well. Thank you so much Nami!” Watch the video to see Sadie at her new home!


Heidi’s Story

After Heidi’s rescue, she spent a month at the animal hospital and had a three hour surgery with 8 pins and 70 stitches. Nami fostered Heidi, helping her to learn how to walk and run with daily exercise. Since then, Heidi was adopted and started her new life in New Jersey. Watch the video to see Heidi enjoying her new home!


Rescued from Dog Meat Farm

Available for adoption to US and Canada

Nami Kim and the SaveKoreanDogs team rescued 43 dogs from a dog farm in September 2015. The dog farmer agreed to surrender all of his dogs and promised never to operate a dog farm or any business selling dog meat again.

The rescued puppies and dogs are now safe at a boarding facility. However, they need loving forever homes to call their own.

The chances of these dogs being adopted within Korea are very slim since they are considered “Mutt” or “Meat Dogs” in Korea. The majority of people in Korea live in high rise apartments with no yard or outdoor space, so small purebred dogs are preferred as pets.

Nami and her team are looking for homes in the U.S. or Canada to provide loving forever homes to these puppies and dogs who have been through so much already.