Jax and Kai’s Story

Jax and Kai were two puppies rescued from a dog farm with 48 other dogs. The farm where they lived specifically supplied meat to the dog meat market. But Jax and Kai were taken away from that life and found a much happier one in Vancouver. Watch the video to see their first walk!


Shawn’s Story

Shawn was rescued from a meat dog farm, where he ate food waste and was being raised to be cooked. After being fostered by Nami, he flew 14 hours to meet his new loving family in Michigan. His new owners said, “It took him a little while to get comfortable with me and he is still a bit shy if I make any fast movements but he is really doing great so far.” Watch the video to see Shawn getting some well-deserved affection!


Terry’s Story

Terry was rescued in April 2015 with other dogs from a dog farm where about 130 dogs were bred for human consumption. After Nami fostered her, Terry flew to the US before finding her forever home in Vancouver. Watch the video to see Terry sitting up. Of this video, Nami says, “Terry can stand in this position for a minute. One thing about these rescues, they are very scared of having their feet on the ground – not used to walking.”


Blessing’s Story

Blessing was rescued in Korea and fostered by Nami for a month before flying to Los Angeles, where she was adopted by a wonderful family. Watch the video to see Blessing having some treats with her pals!


Somang’s Story

Somang was rescued from horrible conditions and was so traumatized from her ordeal that she could not be fostered, but rather had to spend two months with a trainer before flying to Seattle and settling in with her new family near Olympia, WA. Watch the video to see Somang in her new home!


Sarang’s Story

Sarang is a rare Husky and Jindo mix who was rescued and fostered, and underwent three weeks of treatment for heartworm before finding a great home in Connecticut. The name Sarang means “Love” in Korean. Watch the video to see Sarang exploring her new home!



Huchi’s Story

Huchi was rescued by Nami from a meat farm with 50 dogs. He immediately caught Nami’s attention; his eyes seemed to beg “please get us out of here.” At first, he was scared of everything. He spent a few days in a boarding facility before living with Nami for three weeks, where he eventually began to sleep on her shoulder. There was an even happier ending for Huchi – he found a new home in Minneapolis. Watch the video to see Huchi amusing himself!


Kachi and Sori’s Story

Kachi and Sori were rescued from a meat farm and fostered by Nami. After finding their forever home in New Jersey, hey flew fourteen hours before settling in. Now they are doing great, taking walks daily, and exploring their new world. As you can see from their photos, they are getting quite comfortable!


Mini’s Story

Mini was rescued from a puppy mill dumping ground and had never experienced any kindness in her life. She was very thin and had never eaten any good food or treats before being fostered by Nami. Mini was adopted by a loving home in Washington DC and flew directly from Seoul to Dulles airport to meet her new family. Watch the video to see Mini in her new home with friends!


Candy and Lula’s Story

Candy and Lula were rescued by Nami. Both were adopted by a loving home in Pennsylvania, the same home that adopted Pomy, and flew together to a new beginning. They were renamed Michu and May. Watch the video to see them playing together before leaving for the US!